KULEANA RUM - Hawaii Island

 It's all about the juice. Kuleana Rum is distilled from fresh native Hawaiian heirloom sugarcane  grown on the northern tip of Hawaii Island. Their super-premium Agricole rum is rare and delicious - less than 3 percent of the world's rums  are made this way. Their aged Nanea is our most popular liquor - darker and smoother. Packaged in beautifully designed bottles replicating the historical bottles of Kohala. 

 an elegant rum agricole (less than 3 percent of the world's rum is made this way) grown on our farm in Kohala, Hawaii

KULA RUM - Maui Island

Kula Organic Rum is distilled from USDA organic sugar cane grown on the island of Maui. This is blended with deep ocean mineral water, and is 80 proof. Kula Dark combines Kula Organic with select aged rums from around the world and is 95 proof.  These elegantly crafted bottles are available only in Hawaii.

KOHANA RUM - Oahu Island

Native Hawaiian sugarcane thrived 800 years before the plantations ever existed. Hand harvested and pressed to juice, these heirloom canes are distilled to perfection. The result is one of the world’s finest pure cane rums. Farm to bottle. Small batch. Single variety. Hand crafted. Hawaiian Agricole Rum.


Old Lahaina Rum is a small batch, handmade “craft” spirit — high quality, locally made on Maui, and with limited availability. They make every bottle by hand. Lahaina is the birthplace of distilled spirits in Hawaii, and Old Lahaina Rum reflects rum’s early Hawaiian history. British sailors introduced rum to Hawaii when they discovered these islands in the late 1780’s. Those British sailors brought their rum ashore through the port-town of Lahaina. When the sailors, the rum, and friendly locals all mixed together, a world famous party began.


FINE SPIRITS FOR CIGAR LOVERS...and lovers of fine spirits



Ocean Vodka - Maui Island

Organic farming meets desalinated deep water mineral water with over 70 minerals drawn from 3000 feet below the surface off the Kona coast,  Ocean Vodka cultivates more than 30 species of Polynesian sugar cane under the tropical sun on the beautiful slopes of Haleakala mountain in Kula, Maui. 

Old Pali Road Whiskey - Oahu Island

Old Pali Road is made at Ko’olau Distillery, the first whiskey distillery on O’ahu, founded by two Marine Corps veterans. Old Pali Road is a union of  locally distilled bourbon-style mash whiskey made using locally sourced corn and a high-quality 5 year old American whiskey sourced from Missouri that is hand blended to the perfect proof with pure Hawaiian water.

According to Hawaiian legend, the gods reside in the ever-present mist where the peaks of the Ko'olau Mountains meet the heavens. Tropical rainfall from this mist is filtered for generations through volcanic rock to become the pure artesian water we source to create this legendary whiskey. 


Jameson Irish Whiskey 




Premium Mezcal from Del Maguey and El Silencio


Single malt and blended scotches from  Chivas Regal, Courvoisier, D'usse, Martell, et al. 


Agave from Tequila: 





Kai Vodka