The life of Davidoff Cigars is the life of Zino Davidoff. His brilliant savoir vivre infused all aspects of cigar craftsmanship and enjoyment. A visionary in all regards, Zino was a man who ensured time, like each of his cigars, was always beautifully filled.

Zino Davidoff is born in Kiev in 1906 to a long line of tobacconists. The rise of certain political factions spurred the family to move to Switzerland when Zino was just five. His father, Henri, opened Davidoff of Geneva, a fine tobacco shop.

Zino travelled to the lush hillsides of Central and South Americas and the Caribbean, where he immersed himself in the tobacconist’s rites of passage. The farmers and labourers he met in the tropics taught him the rhythms of soil, sun and rain.

Now versed in field work, Zino returned to Europe as it prepared for war. He channelled the heightened energy of the era into his family’s store. Under Zino’s vision, the Davidoff family installed the world’s first climate-controlled room in the store in Geneva. His innovation is a hallmark of the tobacconist to this day.

As the war approached the shores of Lake Geneva, Zino maintained his verve. France feared for its tobacco stock against invading forces and approaches Davidoff of Geneva for assistance. Humbly, Zino acquires the Parisian inventory of Cuban Havana cigars, protecting them for Europeans to enjoy in later peacetime.

After the war, Zino’s store catapulted into prominence as a new, cosmopolitan hotspot, a place of warmth. Continually absorbed by his love of cigars and his drive to keep them at the peak of perfection, Zino then invented a new accessory.

Inspired by memories of the sultry air of the tropics, he created a humidified box to preserve the richness of his tobacco. He called his sophisticated new contraption a “humidor.”