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Smoke Premium Hand Rolled Cigars

We feature Hawaii-grown cigars from Kauai Cigar Company and our own Mother's Brand of custom blended cigars from Nicaragua. We also have famous brands and unique selections from Dominica, Honduras, and Nicaragua. 

Play Premium Handmade Ukulele

My specialty is custom ukulele made from Hawaii-sourced woods by some of the best luthiers on the Big Island. Featured artists are David Gomes from Hawi and Mark Evans from Opihikau. 

I also have a great selection of new and vintage ukes in all price ranges

Take advantage of a FREE UKULELE LESSON to help you get  started, or learn to play better,  so you can make the right choice. Feel free to call in advance to schedule a family or group lesson at any time.

Enjoy Beautiful Downtown Hawi

Visit our funky little shop and the other fun galleries, restaurants, and shops in beautiful downtown Hawi. 

Enjoy Mother's Cigar & Hemp Lounge

The Only Public Cigar & Hemp Lounge on Hawaii Island


Please take time for a very relaxed smoke at Mother's Cigar Lounge. For cigar lovers, it is, truly, 

     "One of the greatest pleasures you will enjoy in Hawaii."

You  might consider enjoying a Mother's cigar here. A torpedo shaped custom blend from one of the premier cigar makers in Nicaragua, it is the best $10 house cigar on the planet. I guarantee it. 

If you don't smoke cigars, you might consider relaxing with a pre-rolled cone of organic, CBD-rich hemp flower. We have several selections available, including Blue Genius by the Hawi Nice Day(TM) Brand, grown by Hawaiian Royal Hemp Company in Hawi, Hawii. 

              "Hawi Nice Smoke" - Mother

NEW! Introducing Hawi Nice Day Hemp Co.


100% Organic Locally Grown CBD Rich Hemp Flower

Now available as packaged flower to roll your own, and raw pre-rolled cones. 

Smoke one at Mother's Cigar & Hemp Lounge

Relax and enjoy a pleasant smoke outdoors and under cover in Hawi Town. 

You will be amazed

You won't get "high," but you sure will feel good.



Shop Online at CBD.CENTER

Our  online store features the best and most popular of the CBD products we sell at our storefront location in Hawi Town. Check out the discount codes . . . the more you buy the more you save. 

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We love our customers, so please visit us...we will do everything we can to make your experience a fun, pleasant and relaxing occasion


55-3419 Akoni Pule Highway, Hawi, HI 96719

U.S.P.S. MAILING ADDRESS: POB 198900 PMB 309 HAWI, HI 96719 (808) 889-1282 VOICE & TEXT


Open today

11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Please call or text me to schedule a personal visit at any time

Unsolicited Reviews

Stewart N, Google

This is a really great little shop, with a huge range of ukuleles starting at about $100 and going up from there. No touristy crap here- these are high quality instruments, and the shop owner really knows his stuff. They have other stringed instruments here too, and I was impressed by the range and number of instruments, and accessories. This is a great place to spend some time and some cash. Highly recommended!

Amy T, Google

Super fun place to visit. Quality of the instruments and art work is terrific. You'll find something to take home with you.

Danny F, Google

Took our 12 year old daughter in to shop for her new instrument. The adorable clerk was so kind and helpful, and the shop had a great assortment of both instruments and accessories. This is a place to check out for sure if you are into the ukulele.

Michelle, Google

In mid-January, we stopped in Hawi to go to Bamboo Restaurant. We ended up parking in front of this gallery and decided to stop in. LOVE IT! It was the last day of our Hawaiian vacation and I finally made a purchase - a Soprano Ukulele! I've never really played a string instrument before but their free Ukulele lesson sold me! I bought a case, a tuner, and some books. I'm having so much fun! I've only had my Ukulele a month and I can't believe how far I've come. I have a long way to go before I will call myself a Ukulele player but I'm really enjoying the journey and the regular reminder of a GREAT vacation! Wonderful store, wonderful people! Thank you!

Marissa S, Google

One of my favorite experiences whilst visiting my home away from home. Loved this place!

Graham D, Google

This is a friendly store, to say the least. They carry a stunning collection of the finest in new and vintage ukuleles. Both well and lesser known Island luthiers are represented. They also carry mid to entry level imports priced better than mail order. Thank you, Richard. I'll recommend your store to anyone.

Anonymous, Yelp

Great store. It's a history lesson walking through. Richard was great!
Helped us buy a beginners uke, took his time and made us feel like regulars!

Anonymous, Square

Wonderful experience. Excellent and patient advice led to the perfect instrument for me.

Nancy K, Burbank

Wandered into this little shop and was amazed by the selection of vintage ukuleles. It may be small on the outside, but inside there were three rooms full of ukes going back to the twenties. There were Martins, and banjo ukes, and many other really excellent ukes from different eras and makers. I bought a 70's era Kamaka Pineapple uke that just sounds beautiful. I also picked up a case for it that was really great and many people stopped me during my travels to ask me where I had gotten it. He also had a nice selection of CDs of vintage ukulele music and performers. There weren't that many music books, but the ones there were well chosen. There was also a nice selection of vintage Hawaiian shirts for sale. It's not the kind of store you go to searching for a bargain, but if you are looking for a quality vintage ukulele from a very knowledgeable and helpful shop than this place is definitely worth a visit."

Anonymous, Square


Anonymous, Square

This business is great. They have an amazing & extensive collection of ukuleles for sale that is quite impressive, as well as other unique island stuff. The owner rocks! He gave us a 5-minute "Ukulele 101" class. My husband and I learned how play a few notes, the proper way to strum, and that it's important to swing our hips. We bought a little 'pineapple' ukulele, which has a deeper tone and that cool shape, plus some Hawaiian CDs. He kindly threw in a couple of neat stickers to our bag. What a fun shopping experience. I promised the owner I'd give him a heads-up when I've progressed in my ukulele playing to the extent that I'll be posting YouTube videos. Get yourself in there and buy a ukulele for yourself AND a friend!

Anonymous, Square

Super friendly and delightful to deal with. Zero pressure shopping!

Anonymous, Square

Wonderful experience. Excellent and patient advice led to the perfect instrument for me.

Anonymous, Square

Beautiful environment high-quality merchandise beautiful instruments, great quality

Paul G, Foursquare

Great place to buy a pro ukulele. Good selection in a wide range of prices.
Richard, the owner, knows his shit. Cool collection of vintage instruments, too. Charming place.

Anonymous, Yelp

We happened in this shop while in Hawi. We met Dennis McKenna. He was offering free five minute ukulele lessons. I'd actually played a little soprano ukulele in college. it was so much fun getting a refresher course with Dennis that I bought a tenor ukulele from Richard. This is a wonderful shop with a great selection of instruments. I look forward to visiting it again.


"I will never return as a customer...EVER!" - Anonymous, Square 


"Love this place." - Anonymous, Square 

"Great vibe - worth the trip no matter where you are on the Big Island!" - Chuck S, Facebook





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